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About Upper Elkhorn NRD

     The Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District is one of 23 natural resources districts in the State of Nebraska.  It has been charged with the responsibility of managing, protecting and developing Nebraska's natural resources for the good of the state and future generations.  

 The Upper Elkhorn NRD  Objectives:

Erosion Prevention and Control
Prevention of Damages from Flood Water & Sediment
Flood Prevention and Control
Soil Conservation
Water Supply for Beneficial Uses
Development, Management, Utilization and Conservation of Groundwater and Surface Water
Pollution Control
Solid Waste Disposal and Sanitary Drainage
Drainage Improvement and Channel Rectification
Development and Management of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Development and Management of Recreational Park Facilities
Forestry and Range Management

     The Upper Elkhorn NRD consists of 3,097 square miles or 1,953,280 acres of rangeland, grassland and cropland.  It is made up of 99% Antelope County; the southern 60 % of Holt County; eastern 60% of Rock County; and northern 25% of Wheeler County. Map Here

     The budget for the Upper Elkhorn NRD is derived from Nebraska's General Fund, state aid, local property taxes, district sales, necessary cash reserve and cooperative agreements with other agencies.  

       The Upper Elkhorn NRD is governed by 15 Board of Directors who are elected by the general public. Each director is elected to a four year term within one of seven subdistricts and one director is elected to an at-large position.

      For more information on the Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District contact them at bwalsh@uenrd.org or call 402-336-3867.


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