Upper Elkhorn NRD Cost Share Program

Anhydrous Ammonia Application Program

     To help improve the distribution of field applied anhydrous ammonia (NH3), the Upper Elkhorn NRD has made cost-share funds available for producers in the UENRD to purchase Flow Control Monitors and Vertical Dam Manifolds

     Flow control Monitors ensure accurate metering of the anhydrous liquid-gas mixture.  Application accuracy is improved by converting the liquid-gas mixture to a uniform liquid and then metering in that state.  Flow control monitors use the cooling properties of NH3 to convert gas back into a liquid inside a heat exchanger.  Liquid NH3  flows out of the heat exchanger into a flowmeter.  The metered NH3  then flows to the manifold for distribution to individual knives.

     Metering accuracy to individual knives can be improved by minimizing the amount of ammonia gas in the Manifold.  When NH3 gas occupies a portion of the manifold chamber, liquid NH3 flows towards the low side of the manifold while gas moves toward the high side.  Due to the differences in density between NH3 gas and liquid, more nitrogen is applied to the side with greater proportion of liquid.  Vertical dam manifolds operate much like a cream separator and are very effective at separating liquid and gas NH3.  The liquid NH3 can be distributed across the tool bar more evenly, thus minimizing nitrogen "hot spots" in the field.

     The sign up period for the Anhydrous Ammonia Application Program is from December 1st through April 1st of each year.  The cost share rate is 50% not to exceed $900 for the purchase of a flow control monitor and $200 for the purchase of vertical dam manifold.

     Program requirements include:

*  Coordinating purchase and installation of a flow control monitor and/or vertical dam manifold.

*  Provide the Upper Elkhorn NRD with a copy of the invoices.

*  Operate and maintain the equipment for a period of 5 years.

For more information or to request an application form contact:

Upper Elkhorn NRD
301 North Harrison Street
O'Neill, NE  68763

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