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     Due to a concern for Nebraska's groundwater resources, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 284, the Chemigation Act, in 1986.  This act requires any cooperator pumping fertilizer or chemicals through a center pivot irrigation system to obtain a chemigation permit from their local NRD.  The Upper Elkhorn NRD is responsible for the inspection of all irrigation wells which the landowner injects chemicals and/or fertilizer.  Each year anyone wishing to run fertilizer/chemicals through their center pivot irrigation system will need to submit an application for chemigation to the Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District.

     Applications can be picked up at the Upper Elkhorn NRD office and Neligh NRCS office and are available on-line.  The Upper Elkhorn NRD will mail out renewal applications to cooperators who chemigated the previous year.  If you are planning to chemigate, the cooperators portion of the form(s) must be filled out completely and returned to the NRD office with the appropriate fee.  New applications are available at a cost of $40.00 per site and must be approved by NRD personnel before any chemigation activity.  Renewal permits are available at a cost of $20.00 each and must be submitted by June 1st, of each year to remain a renewal.  Emergency permits are also available to cooperators who need to chemigate in an emergency situation and have not permitted the site.  Emergency permits are available for $100.00 and allow a cooperator to chemigate immediately.  Emergency permits are only good for 45 days.  

     Approximately one half of the irrigation systems in the Upper Elkhorn NRD have been granted chemigation permits.  Last year the Upper Elkhorn NRD approved 2585 irrigation sites for chemigation activity and inspected approximately 1100 renewal sites and 191 new sites.  A total of 32,439,472 pounds of nitrogen was applied on 210,504 acres for an average of approximately 154 pounds of nitrogen per acre during the 2014 growing season.  Cooperators also applied a total of 8,405 gallons of chemicals on 49,511.  This information is compiled and submitted to the Nebraska Department of Environment Quality annually.


Chemigation form

Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed to access Chemigation Form. 

  •     Click on Chemigation Form link above

  •     From the pop-up window, Select, Save this file to disk

  •     Click OK

  •     Open File

  •     Fill out top portion completely

  •     Print, sign, and submit to your local NRD with the appropriate fee.



For further information or to request an application form contact
Beth Walsh
Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District
301 North Harrison Street
O'Neill, NE  68763

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