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     The Upper Elkhorn NRD has the responsibility of managing, developing and protecting the soil and water resources found in the district.  For this reason, the NRD offers many conservation programs to aid landowners in protecting, preserving and improving our soil and water quality.  The Upper Elkhorn NRD has the authority to administer state funds under the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program (NSWCP).  The program allows landowners to costshare on a variety of practices for the purpose of conservation.  Since each NRD has problems specific to its area, the Upper Elkhorn NRD Board of Directors has established priority practices under the NSWCP program for the district.
      These practices include:  Pasture Planting and Range Seeding; Windbreaks; Planned Grazing System; and, Irrigation Water Management.  Conservation practicies installed through the NSWCP program are to be maintained for a minimum of 10 years.  Any conservation practice funded through the NSWCP program which is not maintained for the 10 years may be liable for reimbursement to the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation fund.  The sign up date for all practices is October 1 through March 31 and will be on a first come first serve basis as approved by the Board of Directors.  There is also a limit of $7,000 per cooperator.
     In addition to the NSWCP program the Upper Elkhorn NRD also offers several other practices in conjunction with agencies and local funding.  Some of these practicies include: Deep Soil Sampling; Anhydrous Ammonia Application, Livestock Manure Analysis, Domestic Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat Improvement; and Water Well Decommissioning.  The costshare rate for all practices is 50% with the exception of Water Well Decommissioning which is 75%.  Sign up dates for these practices are seasonal.
     Cooperators interested in applying for cost share should contact their local Natural Resources Conservation Service office or the Upper Elkhorn NRD office to sign up.

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      For more information on the Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District contact them at bwalsh@uenrd.org or call 402-336-3867.


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