Upper Elkhorn NRD Cost Share Program

   Deep Soil Sampling Cost-share Program

      In the last several decades, nitrate-nitrogen contamination of groundwater resources has reached alarming proportions. Excess nitrogen fertilizer applications have leaked into the groundwater with the result of steadily increasing concentrations of nitrate-nitrogen. The Upper Elkhorn NRD believes that minimizing excess fertilizer application can result in increased yield, reduced cost, and reduced potential water pollution.

     The purpose of this cost-share program is to encourage producers to manage fertilizer application better by accounting for available nitrate-nitrogen that already exists in the soil root zone and irrigation water. Concern about unnecessary over-application of nitrogen fertilizer that could leach out of the root zone and contaminate groundwater supplies makes the practice desirable. Cooperators are asked to line up professional consultants to do the testing and furnish copies of their results and billing to receive reimbursement at 50% of actual charges, maximum $200 cost-share per cooperator. Cost-share application are available at the Upper Elkhorn NRD office in O'Neill, NE and the Antelope County NRCS office in Neligh, NE.

Who is Eligible? All irrigated and dry land producers within the District.

Contract Period:  Contracts are based on Annual Requests. Sign up period runs from January 1 to May 1 of the current year (subject to Upper Elkhorn NRD approval).

Requirements:  To be eligible for cost-share, a minimum soil sample depth of 2-ft. must be collected. A 3-ft. soil sample is encouraged. Residual nitrate-nitrogen should be analyzed at three levels: 0"-8", 8"-24", and 24"-36". Also, on irrigated cropland, nitrate-nitrogen concentration in irrigation water must have been analyzed within the previous year.

For more information or to request an application form contact:

Upper Elkhorn NRD
301 North Harrison Street
O'Neill, NE  68763
(402) 336-3867

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