Upper Elkhorn NRD Cost Share Program

Livestock Manure Analysis Program

     When managed properly, nutrients in livestock manure can be a valuable resource.  When managed improperly, however, these same nutrients become a potential environmental pollutant.  Accurate crediting of manure nutrients with a total crop nutrient program is fundamental to utilizing manure as a resource.

     The Upper Elkhorn NRD recognizes the importance of utilizing livestock manure to meet the nutrient needs of crop production in the region.  Because of this need, producers are encouraged to incorporate credits from the application of animal waste (solid or affluent) into the total nitrogen requirement for the specific crop where this application of waste is made.

This cost-share program has been created to encourage crop producers to have a manure sample analyzed before each application.

The sign up period for the Livestock Manure Analysis Program is from December 1st though April 1st of each year.  The cost share rate is 50% for manure analysis and shipping, not to exceed $200 per cooperator per year.

Program requirements include:

*  Livestock waste must be applied to land used for crop or grass production within the UENRD.
*  A certified laboratory must analyze all samples.
*  Analysis must include ammonium-nitrogen, organic-nitrogen and total phosphorus.
*  Collect representative samples as close as possible to the time of application.
*  Collect samples before each application.
*  Collect and preserve samples according to laboratory recommendations.
*  Provide UENRD with a copy of all shipping and analysis expenses and lab results.
*  Apply manure based on sound agronomic principles.

For more information or to request an application form contact:

Upper Elkhorn NRD
301 North Harrison Street
O'Neill, NE  68763
(402) 336-3867

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