Groundwater Irrigated Acre Signup Scheduled for October

Upper Elkhorn NRD To Hold Groundwater Irrigated Acre Expansion Sign-Up In October

The Upper Elkhorn NRD will be taking applications for the expansion of new groundwater irrigated acres during the month of October for the 2022 growing season.  The sign up is not on a first come first served basis; but, based on a ranking criteria sheet that focuses on current water quality and quantity concerns within the district.  Applications will be accepted from the landowner or their power of attorney from October 1 through October 30, 2021.  Pending the adoption of the proposed updates to the UENRD Groundwater Management Plan, the Groundwater Irrigated Acre Expansion sign up will be held different from previous years.  If the proposed rules and regs are passed, there will be a $50 application fee for any landowner who would like to determine if their piece of ground would qualify for the expansion of groundwater irrigated acres.  If a landowner meets the minimum score and qualifies, they would then be responsible for the minimum acre fee of $125 for 25 acres or less; or, $5.00 an acre for greater than 25 acres to proceed with their application.  The application and supporting information will still be available on the UENRD website ( for review.  For further information contact the Upper Elkhorn NRD at 402-336-3867 or visit the Upper Elkhorn NRD website at