May UENRD Board Meeting


Notice is herby given that the Upper Elkhorn Natural Resources District will hold a regular monthly Board of Directors meeting May 23rd, 2022, at 7:00 P.M.  In case of inclement weather, the meeting will be held the following Wednesday.  A current agenda of the subjects to be considered at such time, date and place is available for inspection during business hours at the districts office, which is located at  301 N. Harrison, O’Neill, NE.  The agenda may be amended  up to 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Chemigation Deadline June 1!

The deadline for renewal chemigation applications is June 1!  Anyone wishing to run fertilizer/chemicals through their center pivot irrigation system will need to submit an application for chemigation to the Natural Resources District.  Renewal Chemigation Applications were mailed out in January to Cooperators who permitted chemigation sites within the Upper Elkhorn NRD in 2020.  These forms must be completed and returned with the appropriate fee by June 1 to the Upper Elkhorn NRD to maintain their renewal status.  Renewal applications will cost $20; New applications will cost $40 per site and must be approved by NRD personnel before any chemigation activity; and, Emergency applications will cost $100.  Chemigation forms are available at the Upper Elkhorn NRD office and NRCS Office in Neligh or on line at  These forms may be filled out online, printed and returned to the NRD office with the appropriate fee.  Remember, it is the responsibility of each chemigator to maintain and permit each chemigation site on an annual basis.  For further information or questions, please contact the Upper Elkhorn NRD, (402) 336-3867.

Deadline Looming to Certify Groundwater Irrigated Acres in UENRD

Deadline Looming to Certify Groundwater

Irrigated Acres Within the Upper Elkhorn NRD

The Upper Elkhorn NRD has begun sending out Final Notices for the Certification of Groundwater Irrigated Acres.  We encourage anyone receiving their Final Notice to get their Groundwater Irrigated Acres certified by the end of the year.  Anyone who does not certify their groundwater irrigated acres once with the Upper Elkhorn NRD risks the chance of losing their ability to irrigate using groundwater.  The UENRD began certifying groundwater irrigated acres in 2011 and estimates that there are approximately 50,000 acres that still need to be certified; and, it is imperative that you certify your groundwater irrigated acres to preserve your right to irrigate those acres in the future.  You can review all the Groundwater Irrigated Acre Certification information on the UENRD website at  This process is separate from certifying your acres annually with the USDA Farm Service Agency and is required only once with the Upper Elkhorn NRD.   

Landowners who fail to certify their groundwater irrigated acres not only risk the chance of not being able to irrigate those aces; but, they will also not be eligible to participate in Upper Elkhorn NRD programs.  This would include the Expansion of Groundwater Irrigated Acres, Groundwater Irrigated Acre Transfers or be eligible for UENRD cost share.